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U.S. CITIzens and residents
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DoorDash is offering subsidized delivery services (priced only to recuperate their costs, such as paying couriers) for nonprofit organizations and local agencies looking to transport food and other necessities from distribution hubs to residents. Interested organizations can start by completing this brief form, and DoorDash will contact you within two business days.


DoorDash  Drive, enables any business or organization to request a Dasher for pickup  and delivery from point A to B.  To  support the community, DoorDash is providing at-cost and subsidized  deliveries to nonprofit organizations using the platform to respond to the  crisis. Potential uses include:

  • Schools providing free and reduced-price  lunch to students.
  • Agencies providing prepared meals to the elderly.
  • Hunger relief organizations providing grocery boxes to low-income families.
  • Community health networks connecting people to their prescriptions.
  • Other - Tell them how they can help meet your delivery needs.
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For additional information, please visit the DoorDash Subsidized Delivery Program Website

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