Seattle Sounders FC Relief Fund for Workers, Small Business, and Non Profits (SODO, Pioneer Square, China Town International District)

Seattle Sounders FC

U.S. CITIzens and residents
King County
City of Seattle
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The Seattle Sounders FC Relief Fund (“Fund”) was established by RAVE Foundation to support individuals, small businesses and nonprofits located in CenturyLink Field and in the neighborhoods surrounding CenturyLink Field that have been adversely impacted by the postponement of the 2020 MLS season due to COVID-19. These neighborhoods include SODO, Pioneer Square and Chinatown-International District.


  • Small Businesses may request up to $7500 in their applications.
  • Grant proceeds to small businesses can only be used for necessary operating expenses to stabilize businesses, like rent, utility and insurance payments, and payroll expenses.
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Eligible small businesses include the following (all factors must be true)

  • Any small business which meets one or more of the following:   1. Operates a permanent location in Pioneer Square, Chinatown-International District or SODO     2. Operates a temporary location, as permitted by the City of Seattle or as a vendor under contract with CenturyLink or its tenants, in support of CenturyLink Field events on event days including Sounders FC matches. 3. Operates a business which provides direct services in support of Sounders FC business or technical operations
  • The small business regularly operates in hours and service of fans and event goers for Sounders FC matches and other events that take place at CenturyLink Field
  • As the result of the Covid-19 global pandemic the small business has had to reduce operations or close entirely and has been significantly negatively impacted
  • As the result of the closures or reductions in operations, the small business is unable to pay reasonable and necessary operating expenses, including but not limited to payroll, rent, insurance, utilities, and the like, and could substantiate that need upon request
  • The small business seeking a grant from the Fund is not eligible for nor has received other grants, loans or income (whether taxable or not) for the entirety of the need claimed through this application to the Fund
  • The small business is not seeking a grant to cover an expense that will be reimbursed by insurance
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Information and link to apply below:


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For help with language technical assistance please reach out to:

The Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda) at


The SODO Business Improvement Area (SODO BIA) at

For any other questions regarding the Seattle Sounders FC Relief Fund please reach out to:

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